3 Reasons To Join A Health and Wellness MLM Company

Let’s face it. There are a lot of MLM or Network Marketing companies out there, and if you are someone wanting to get into the home based business industry, choosing the right company can be daunting. It’s well known that in the Network Marketing profession, you need to be passionate about your product. If you are not passionate about your product then you will have a hard time promoting it.

Many Network Marketing companies offer different products and services from energy, to communications services, to health and wellness. I am basically going to talk about why choosing a health and wellness MLM company might be one of the best decisions you make in your home based business career.

Firstly, health and wellness is the next wave or next revolution. In the US today, according to Economist Paul Zane Pilzer, 1.5 trillion dollars is spent on the “sickness industry”, on health care, trying to make people better. Lots of people now are making the shift to wellness or preventive measures. In his book “The Wellness Revolution” he predicted that by 2010, almost a trillion USD of the country’s economy will be spent on products and services that will make people look and feel better, combat anti-aging, etc. This is 2015, and we are seeing the truth of his prediction now.

People are now seeing the side effects of traditional treatments and are now opting for alternative measures, a more preventive approach versus a curative approach. Onmi

Secondly, in MLM health and wellness, there is the product experience. Once you take a food supplement which is filled with vitamins and nutrients your body is not used to, your body begins to function at different peak levels. It’s not uncommon for people to report that symptoms of certain ailments which disturbed them before vanished after taking a supplement.

Scientists are beginning to discover that most of the ailments being treated today can be traced to poor nutrition. Now once someone has a fantastic product experience, what is the person likely to do? Introduce it to their friends, families, colleagues, enemies, etc. And that is the spirit behind network marketing.

Thirdly, most MLM health and wellness companies have an autoship program, or monthly volume requirement. If you have had a powerful product experience and you are the product of the product, there is a high chance that you will reorder the product and keep using it. If you will reorder it, there is a very high chance that your team members and others in your downline will reorder, and this monthly reordering makes it easy to earn residual income easily.

With health and wellness being one of the biggest trends happening around, it makes sense to align with the times, and get behind a wellness product you can use for yourself, realize the benefits and have no qualms recommending it to others which will put you on a very good start in your Network Marketing career.

Tips For a Creating an Engaging Social Media Marketing Campaign

If you’ve poked around any one of the vast number of social networks, then you have probably found that there is an online community for just about every interest. Whether you are looking for communities to engage your personal interests or places where you can help boost your social media marketing impact, you’re bound to find several niche communities that interest you.

If you would like to make the most of your social media marketing and online presence, then it’s not just important to find the communities that will best reward your social media marketing efforts, but it is also crucial that you learn the unique dynamics of each community. Your college alumni Facebook group will not operate along the same conventions as a forum where skiers gather to exchange information and tips, so it is important to learn the rules if you want to make any headway with a social media marketing campaign.

Joining online communities can be a great way to enhance your online brand and cultivate a great, engaging image through a well-crafted social media marketing campaign. Whether you’re looking to increase your personal presence online or your goal is to improve your business’ online activity, niche online communities remain a great opportunity for effective social media marketing.

It’s important to first find where your audience is, but that’s just the first step. Growing an online presence is an activity that takes time because you first must discover how your audience communicates. Are they active on Facebook? Do they read Twitter updates? Do they have a Ning group? Finding the online areas where your target hangs out is the only way you can effectively communicate with them as part of a social media marketing campaign.

But once you find those communities, a little more preparation is required before you launch a social network marketing campaign. If you simply sign up for an account and then deliver your sales pitch, you’ll be ignored at best, and criticized at worst. These groups value community, and they value people who positively contribute to their community.

Experience has shown that a company rep or a marketer can become an accepted community member if they contribute regularly. If that person takes time to develop real relationships and takes time to offer advice to community members, then he or she will reap the benefits of being a trusted group member. smm panel

That’s the new blueprint for developing online relationships with consumers that matter. And while that may sound like a lot of work, it’s not that difficult. In fact, many who have embarked on this social media marketing strategy have found that engaging with their target audience is one of the most enjoyable parts of their day. And it’s also a great way to get tips, news and opinions that would have otherwise been missed.

So what are the specific social media marketing strategies you need to implement when participating in social communities? Here are the most important.

Pay Attention to the Rules – Nearly every social media site has rules. They’re usually listed on a page before or immediately after a new account is registered. Most of us either skim these or ignore them completely. But we really shouldn’t. If you’re the head of a social media marketing team with a new social media marketing campaign, you should print out or send the rules to all members, so they’ll know what is and isn’t acceptable.

What rules are important? One example is some online community forums allow links in your signature (the short blurb that appears with every post you make), and some won’t. Make sure you are aware of the community’s rules before posting a link to your site in an online forum.

Study the Community First – When you join an online community, it’s best not to simply dive right in and start posting, but rather sit back and observe how things operate. Think of it as your chance to play anthropologist. Finding out what people are discussing and how they discuss it will give you a better idea of how you approach that particular online community.

Struggling With a Failed Social Media Marketing Strategy? Fix It Up!

The unbelievable reach of a social media platform amazed entrepreneurs from across the world. All the big and small business enterprises created their social media accounts and started building a marketing strategy for different SM platforms. However, with so much initial hullabaloo related to SMM, many businesses eventually failed to make their marketing campaign a success.

If you are one of those business owners who failed to connect with the target audience and engage them on social media platforms, it is time for introspection. We provide you some possible reasons why your SMM strategy failed and how you can fix it –

  • Focusing on ‘your’ goals and objectives – Unlike traditional marketing methods, social media marketing is more about what the consumers want. A majority of SMM marketers begin the campaign by focusing on the goals of the business owner. This is a short-sighted approach as social media isn’t just about you. So, instead of focusing on you and your business goals, you must focus on what your target market would like and what they would not like.
  • Not spending enough time or money on SMM – Marketing on social media is cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing methods. However, this doesn’t mean that you will not invest your time and money for achieving the desirable results. Instead of spending the majority of your marketing budget on traditional methods, business owners should instead put in all their money and time on social media as it is more effective, reachable and delivers visible results. To get goodreturns on your investment, you should put in the majority of your marketing budget on SMM and monitor the performance. smm panel
  • Not working with professionals – Social media marketing isn’t a kid’s job. Many firms assume that just by setting up accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms and putting marketing messages on them is enough to connect and engage the audience. However, this is far from truth. It takes a lot to achieve success on social media. When you work with professionals, they conduct surveys, analyse the market and create proper strategies by assessing the long-term and short-term implications.
  • Failing to understand consumer behaviour – Like every marketing method, knowing your consumers and their behaviour is crucial. An SEO or a web designer would not know how to build a marketing campaign on the social media by understanding the behaviour of the users. This is the reason why you need to hire a socialmedia marketing expert who can build a brand and make it popular among the target audience.
  • Not engaging users with your brand – User engagement is crucial in marketing and it is relatively easy on social media to engage the users with your brand. Yet many people, often taking it lightly, fail to engage the target audience with their brand. To fix this up, the marketers should ensure that new, attractive and engaging content is posted on their social profiles on a regular basis. Assessing the marketing strategy of your competitors can also help you in coming up withstrategies that can divert the traffic from your competitors to your own social media profiles.
  • Relying on wrong performance metrics – Measuring the success of your marketing campaign on social media by tracking the number of likes, followers and fans is a wrong approach. These gimmicks are only focused on increasing the numbers and not actually converting the users. To accurately measure your performance and thesuccess of the campaign, you should take into account the factors that convert visitors, such as the number of shares, retweets and more.
  • Not being consistent – You may have a very strong marketing plan, and your first step must have been a hit, but if you are not consistent with your SMM efforts, you cannot achieve long term results. This is one of the biggest failures in social media, and to fix this, you must be committed to provideengaging and viral content throughout the year.