Commercial Hotel Furniture – What to Look for

Buying furniture is one of the things you need to take care of when putting up a new hotel business or renovating your previous one. Because it is a large investment to make, you should do everything to get it done right. Buying pieces that will not be useful to your hotel will certainly be a waste of money and time.

When shopping for furniture, it is of utmost importance to look for pieces that will… harman furniture

  1. Be a perfect balance between form and function. Always keep in mind that furniture’s purpose is almost always just as significant as its physical appearance. An exquisitely looking bed will be futile if guests feel uncomfortable lying on it. Whereas a comfortable chair whose style is just as outdated as the fashion in the old centuries have no place in your modern hotel. But take note that the words “almost always” were used to denote that there are some exceptions to this statement. For example, there are some pieces of furniture like paintings and sculptures whose sole purpose is to be a decorative element for your hotel. More than function, it is their form, which will weigh more value.
  2. Blend beautifully with the overall atmosphere of the hotel. First, you have to decide what kind of theme and style you want your hotel to have. Then buy furniture that are in line with this theme. For instance, if your hotel is traditional, classic wooden furniture are ideal whereas if it exemplifies a contemporary look, those that are made of metal and leather are perfect. And it is not enough that you confine the theme in a single room. In fact, every single place in your hotel should have a continuing theme so that customers will not feel as if they are moving from one different hotel to another. Always remember that lack of coherence equates disorder.
  3. Create a statement and make your hotel stand out. Doing this requires you to have an eye that can distinguish unique from outrageous, distinct from hideous. Give your hotel a personality through the pieces of furniture of your choice. With this in mind, it is important to be creative and more importantly, original.
  4. Be appreciated by your target customers. To do this, you first have to do an extensive demographic research to find out which kinds of people are likely to appear at the front desk of your hotel-what age, class, occupation and so many more. Use this information to create a hotel atmosphere that will cater to their tastes and needs. Choose furniture that have features, style, colors, and function that they are most likely to value.
  5. Provide your guests with utmost comfort. The needs of your customers should always be one of your top priorities. Choose furniture that will make their stay worthwhile and enjoyable.
  6. Set the tone of the room appropriately. Each room in your hotel has a distinct purpose and the furniture in each room should serve those distinct purposes. These should also create the ambiance that you want to have in a specific room. For instance, the furniture inside a hotel bedroom should provide guests with comfort and security, giving a relaxing and warm ambiance that will enable them to have a good rest. Meanwhile, the reception area should cater to the purpose of entertaining guests and keeping them occupied. The ambiance should be professional and yet not too stiff.
  7. Suit the location where your hotel is located. The location of your hotel is also a major consideration in furniture selection. The climate in the area as well as the way of living of people around greatly influence what types of furniture you should buy. For example, if your hotel is in a quaint subdivision, your ultra modern furniture will hardly be appreciated. And if you are in an area where it is almost always snowing, be sure to incorporate pieces of furniture that will give comfort despite the cold such as thick curtains, chimneys and so on.
  8. Last a long time. Invest only on high quality furniture from reputable suppliers that will guarantee you of durability and resilience.
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