Different Forms of Roller Skating

Roller skating individually, on a team or just with a special group or someone can be very rewarding.

One type of roller skating that can be performed by an individual, a team, pair or a group is called Jam skating. Jam skating is a form of freestyle. Can you break-dance? Now, can you do it wearing a pair of roller skates? Jam skating is not just break-dancing it is much more. It is a combination of dance, gymnastics and skating.

Basically, Jam skating gets its roots from Roller Disco, only now it combines all of the disco moves with break-dance moves, artistic type moves, gymnastics and even modern dance moves. Put all this together as a routine performed with music and you have Jam Skating

I would recommend that you go on You Tube and check out some of the Jam Skating and see if it is something that would interest you. Tony Zane and Diamond Walker are two of the most renowned individual jam skaters. Most competitions usually come down to them having a skate off. Meepo board

Another form of roller skating that you may want to look into is Vertical roller skating. Vertical skating is and can be performed in a bowl, on ramps, or just what you see on the street. Using the bowl for Vertical, the skater uses the bowl to get momentum and shoots out the other side performing a trick in the air. The Ramp form of vertical skating is pretty much just like you see in the Olympic Skateboard events, however more stunts can be performed because you don’t lose contact with your skates. During this a skater would be performing a series of tricks or moves rated with difficulty levels while transiting down the distance of the ramp, or should I say navigating across the ramp.

Not enough adrenalin for you, Jump into the Big Air completion. Extremely steep ramps are used to obtain momentum and shoot you out the top of the other side. The objective is to be as smooth as possible to get as much air as you can while performing a trick or a series of tricks. Good Luck!

A wild and very dangerous type of vertical skating I am sure you have seen bits of it being performed on bikes, skate-boards, quad roller skates and or inline skates either in person or on the television. This type of skating is performed usually outdoors on anything and whatever is available to get some sliding and air. Man kind has provided these skaters with a wide range of challenges by building curbs, walkways, walls and handrails. A word of caution here is needed because this is a very extreme type of skating and usually a person visit’s the emergency room at least once while learning.

There are some rinks and other areas designed for this type of skating and even some competitions being held. Some BMX tracks are even used for vertical skating.

Of course if you just want Vertical competition then try rolling the low and high hurdles. Yes, just like running then.

I guess the bottom line is, Roller Skating can have something appealing to just about everyone so Pick out the area that interest you and let’s get rolling.

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