Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood Flooring

Sustainable Reclaimed Wood:

I really can’t get enough of hardwood floors in my home. But I know that often times using hardwood means that forests are cut down and little is done to replenish the trees that have been removed.

When I learned that reclaimed wood was a viable option to hardwood flooring, I took note. There is nothing that energizes me more than finding a fantastic sustainable product that allows me to have my cake and be able to eat it too. If you are planning a new home with wood floors or a flooring upgrade for your existing home, be sure to keep reclaimed wood flooring on the top of your list – you will be happy you did!

Just What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is created from wood that would typically end up in a landfill or burned or disposed of in some other manner. When old buildings, bridges, barns, industrial buildings, etc. are torn down to make way for new buildings, the wood that’s taken is typically just dumped into a landfill never to be seen again. Someone came up with the idea that maybe there was a better use for this wood – and were they ever right! Suppliers take this old wood, repair it, mill it, and then they produce wood flooring in which they market it to homeowners as wood floors in new and existing homes. Due to the fact that there are many wood species and finish options available, it becomes a outstanding green option for nearly anyone.

Why are Reclaimed Wood Floors Considered Eco-Friendly?

Normally because this wood would be disposed in a landfill, it is reclaimed, it is considered a outstanding sustainable source. The wonderful aspect of this procedure is that a product that was once destined to be disposed in the landfill, experiences new life as a reused product and that indeed is an incredible eco-friendly aspect. As the reclaimed wood flooring option becomes more popular, less trees will be cut down to supply the flooring needs of today’s homeowners. The reclaimed wood that is usable is typically of better quality than the new woods that are currently sold. As hardwood traditionally came from old-growth forests, the quality of this wood is typically better quality than the woods currently being sold. Also, the longer a tree grows, the stronger is the wood that is produced. That makes this flooring an exceedingly durable option. wood flooring Manchester

How Much Does Reclaimed Wood Flooring Cost?

The cost of reclaimed wood flooring is going to vary widely, depending on the type of wood you purchase, and the level of finish – just like regular hard woods. Most likely you will not pay any additional for this reclaimed wood flooring than you would for similar species new wood flooring. Depending on the factors above, the cost will range between $3.50 and $7.00 psf for the material. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you may well enjoy installing a reclaimed floor on your own, as it no harder to install than a traditional wood floor.

Considerations of Reclaimed Wood Flooring:

There may be marks or imperfections in this wood as it has been used before. Even though there is milling done on the wood, the imperfections often remain. The marks and imperfections are a sought-after characteristic by many people, and often is a selling point for the product. Also, make sure that when you select your finish and stain products for your reclaimed wood flooring, you stay with low VOC products. VOC’s in finishing products stand for volatile organic compounds. These VOC’s off-gas as they dry and produce adverse health conditions to the home occupants and the environment.

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