Knowing the Proper Methods of Handling Emergencies Caused by Chemicals

When the principles of medical emergency management are clearly understood, one does not need hospital equipment in order to function effectively. This is especially useful when immediate aid must be given due to the severity of damage inflicted to the patient. Chemicals and other dangerous substances are the most common reasons in seeking first-aids. Unintentional and accidental occurrences at home or in the workplace are the main reasons for such incidents.

By using imagination and ingenuity, many commonplace items can be used by the first-aider. Resourcefulness is an essential component of emergency and disaster management. Upon observation, experts say that people with direct contact with danger such as those working in laboratories of chemicals must learn how to apply first-aid since accidents happen all the time. It does not mean that accidents cannot be avoided or that the companies are not simply implementing safety regulations within the work area but there are unforeseen circumstances that are totally beyond anybody’s control. Hence, it really pays to teach everybody, in general, what to do in case of emergency.

Among all accidents, poisoning or injuries due to chemical contact are one of the most common causes of emergency or disaster, whether at home or work. Paramedics are specially trained to act upon these situations immediately, but they have to be contacted first. And that single fraction of a second can already cost lives. So it is important to have somebody facilitate first-aid during emergency cases in chemical laboratories. reagent supplier

1. Accidental inhalation of substances

If a person has accidentally inhaled chemicals then it is best to bring him out in the fresh air right away. The goal is to provide good ventilation so that the lungs will not be constrained to continuously experience exposure to certain chemicals. Some substances such as hydrogen chloride gas and hydrogen sulfide, when inhaled, can cause immediate pain and difficulty in breathing. It can even damage the tissues in the lungs which can trigger sudden death.

2. Skin contamination

Certain chemicals like acids and solvents can readily cause skin irritations. In cases like these, it is important to drench skin with running water immediately. Apply running water on skin while removing clothes. Cleanse skin thoroughly with water. Remember, rapidity in washing is extremely important to reduce the extent of injury.

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