Leg Press – A Favorite Among Athletes

As we strive to be more fit, we employ a number of different devices to help us achieve our goals. Fortunately these days we have machines that can help us with our goal of fitness. Each muscle group has certain pieces of equipment that work to get the job done correctly and in a timely manner. For the lower half of the body, nothing compares to the leg press.

If you are looking to purchase one of these machines it would be wise to go to a sports store and try the different models out. This way you will be able to see which ones you are comfortable with and then you can make a logical decision. If it isn’t comfortable or easy to use and change weights then your time and your money will be wasted. However, be sure to check online for prices on the machine or machines you like as often you can find it much cheaper here.

These devices come in different styles. Of course, if you travel to a gym you will find many variations of the basic models but typically they break down into one of three categories: seated, inverted and vertical. Each of these may be known by other names but these are the ones that will be used for this article. hydraulic press machine

The seated version can either have the weight in front of you or behind. As you are seated horizontally, you push on the foot plate and the weight is moved. These are often called cable leg press machines since a cable is used to connect the seat to the weight.

Inverted machines place the user at approximately a 45 degree angle with the foot plate in front. As the plate is pressed the weight rides on bars away from the user. This is a more difficult machine to use since the weight is being forced upward. The key is to maintain a firm placement against the backrest.

The vertical machines are by far the most difficult. The user sits with their back towards the floor with the weight suspended directly above them. The weight has to be pushed straight up in this exercise. Not only are you pushing the weight but you are also defying gravity at the same time.

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