Restaurant Cleaning Service – The Importance of Kitchen Hood Cleaning

As a restaurant owner or manager this is one of the cleaning services that you do not want to skimp on. Neglecting this service can cost you not only your hard earned money, but your restaurant entirely!

What service am I talking about? –Kitchen hood exhaust cleaning– Having your kitchen hood system properly cleaned and serviced according to the NFPA #96 standards is essential for

* Maintaining proper airflow in your kitchen
* Keeping the fire marshal off your back
* Staying compliant with local fire codes
* Providing a safe working and dining environment for your employees and patrons.
* Reducing the possibility of a devastating fire spreading through duct work and onto the roof. kitchen hood ideas

Hood Cleaning (or hood vent cleaning) should be done by a “properly trained, qualified, and certified company” according to NFPA #96 guidelines 8-3.1. Some restaurant owners like to go with the lowest bid in an attempt to save money.

Usually what happens is the cleaning contractor will only clean what is easily seen or reached from the ground. This is NOT acceptable! The grease will collect and become an extreme fire danger. It will also restrict the flow of air and reduce the efficiency of your exhaust system, costing you money.

By the time you hire a reputable hood cleaning company, they are going to charge you more money due to the major build up of grease that has to be removed. So, my advice would be to hire a kitchen exhaust cleaning company that will clean your entire system from top to bottom the first time and every other time.

It will save you money in the long run. It will save you headaches from hassling with fire marshals, health inspectors and insurance companies. Check their work after they have cleaned, or ask for pictures to hold them accountable. Restaurant fires are serious business, and they are a very real threat if your kitchen exhaust system has not been cleaned properly.

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