The SEO Gameplan – Website Analysis

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of getting or making sure your website content is relevant to the search phrase or keywords you are targeting. This is not easy as you want to write for your audience or prospects and customers and not so much for the search engines but you must do it and achieve that illusive balance! You must therefore sell what you sell and also understand how search engines look at your site.

This article looks at your website analysis.

This is usually the first step in your SEO strategy.

You already have a website with some content on it and this part looks at analysing your website to determine the following;

– Is it optimized for the keywords you have in mind? Keywords Checker
– What are the keyword densities? (Too much will spam the search engines leading to penalties or exclusion while too little will be too vague to rank strongly. Aim for 2 – 4% here and no more.)
– How many backlinks do you have coming in? (The more the better from authority websites.)
– What anchor text is on those backlinks? (Works best if your target keywords are in the anchor textv
– How old is your domain? (Not as powerful as the rest but helps if your domain is a few years old.)

This process basically gives you a website grade out of 100 and shows you whether you are strong for the keyword you chose and what needs to be done to improve. It looks at your content (what people see) and your code or programming (your HTML and so on). There are a lot of software programs that will do this for you at the push of a button. A quick search on Google for “website analysis software” should bring up a few of these.

After you get the grade and/or weaknesses of your site then it’s time to work on improving those. You will find that a lot of SEO comes down to how you fare against other people in your niche or industry (competition) and goes beyond just on-page SEO into what we call off-page SEO where the predominant factors there will be your incoming backlinks or traffic or activity on your website. These are discussed in other articles in this series but for now your website analysis will show you what’s required for you to improve your search engine ranking.

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